“Whatever the makeup of your practice, we have a
solution that will lower your premium.”

Home Care Physicians

Do you find it difficult to secure, or have you been overcharged for your professional liability coverage just because you provide homecare services?


Other homecare practitioners have experienced being dropped by their insurers because those companies lack the understanding of the nature of the in-home professional practice and those who are dedicated to providing services to homebound patients.


Voluntarily giving up medical staff privileges and/or an office practice is taken by them as a sign of incompetence and they chose to view you as a second class citizen.

Here is the Right Solution

If you find yourself in this predicament we have a solution that may be right for you. Started by homecare professionals, Advanced Providers' Insurance Risk Retention Group, Inc. was formed to insure physicians providing services in the home, or with a small percentage of their patients in a nursing home.


We believe that your decision to be mobile and reach out to a non-ambulatory patient population is a noble one. Whatever the makeup of your practice, we have a solution that will lower your premium.

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